• Cranky Frank

    Cranky Frank

  • K. O'Moore-Klopf

    K. O'Moore-Klopf

    Medical editor with ESL specialty helping researchers in 20+ nations get published. Winner, 2013 Robinson Prize: http://bit.ly/1gUZ9LM

  • Dan Rosenbaum

    Dan Rosenbaum

    Editor-in-Chief of Center Ring Media, publisher of Wearable Tech Insider. Journalist for 30-plus years, focused on tech and its impact on society.

  • Sergio Albertini

    Sergio Albertini

    Marketing dei contenuti per blog aziendali | Blogger e Web Content Writer | www.sergioalbertini.it

  • Newinsights


  • Johanny Ortega

    Johanny Ortega

    Opinionated Latina who goes on writing rants about relationships and socioeconomic disparities| MFA grad | Soldier | Leader

  • christie hardwick

    christie hardwick

    Spiritual teacher, coach and writer. I invite us all to attain true joy and freedom, contribute to peace in the world by managing your own mind!

  • Rajesh Patel

    Rajesh Patel

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